Senin, 19 Maret 2012

korea korea an

· 3C’s New Artist Project

Title of the artwork:

Indonesia+korea = artwork

Artwork Description

· When i hear the word "Korea and Indonesia", romatic movies, food and a unique fashion, suddenly pop up in my head. because of that, my artwork shows several symbols from both countries. my artwork illustrates the similarities of Indonesia and Korea. One of the sameness is both countries costume rice as the main food and consume instant noodle as the secondary food or snack. Another similarities is form geographical perspective which both country has many beautiful islands and most of islanders work as a fisherman. Both country as strong cultural norm and traditional rituals.

The artworks shows the traditional clothes of korea called hanbok with brocade pattern, while songket is chosen to represents the traditional clothing of Indonesia. Some visual element that shown on my artwork is the silhouette of a signing women which represent the korean music.

Another symbol on the artwork is the "kimilsungia flower". The flower is the fellowship symbol of Indonesia and korea. the story behind the flower was when the first president of indonesia presented a birthday gift to the former korean president Kim Lee sung when he visited Indonesia in 1965,

The artwork is an 100X70cm, mixed media art piece. The artwork divided into several picture and drawings, and will be displayed like an information board at school.

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